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This is your year to Grow Up before we Go Up.

Together...We are not just a ministry, but also a family!

2021 is, the year for you to move, "From Surviving to Thriving!"

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Min. Kathline Sullivan is from Lawton, OK born to Elder Richard and Min. Lisa Sullivan. Went to Eisenhower High School and graduated in 2012. She has four siblings and four nephews. Prayed into the ministry while in the womb. She opened up for Kurtis Blow when she was 10 years old and is still consistent in the flow of her music today at 24 years old. She attends House of Christ Ministries Inc. with Pastor Kathy Cruikshank and also serves in the ministry as a youth president. Nominated to be Secretary over the Oklahoma State Council youth of PAW. Min. Kathline Sullivan who also goes by TKB ...."THE KING'S BABY"

Pastor Jeff Elbert, known to local spoken word enthusiasts as Poetic Paul, is a Pastor, Teacher, and Gospel Rhymer. Along with his wife, they hope to change the culture of Lawton one heart and mind at a time. The 2019-2020 Rookie Teacher of the Year has a lot to say.

Karli Loving is from Lawton, OK and a graduate of Cameron University. She currently serves as the youth pastor of Zoe Christian Center. Her love for youth ministry began in her teenage years. Since then, her passion for students and sharing the Gospel with them has only increased. She has found that she is most fulfilled when she is following the call of God to be His vessel for her students.

     Mercedez is an Eisenhower High School alumni. She led the praise team at Mind of Christ Church Multiethnic from 2013 to 2018 when God called her family to Cameron Baptist Church were she serves in their Celebrate Recovery ministry. Mercedez also is involved with the Great 580 Association where she serves as secretary along side her husband. "I’ve always had a passion for music, and I love that I can use that passion to worship and serve."

Andrew  and  Shereyl  met  at  a  young  adults  Ministry  about  9  years  ago.  They  have  both  spent most  of  their  lives  in  Lawton  and  were  raised  as  preachers  kids  in  relatively  small  ministry.  This became  the  foundation  of  a  friendship  that  soon  blossomed  into  a  romantic  relationship.  They married  in  February  of  2014  and  welcomed  their  daughter  Karrah  this  past  December. Watching  their  parents  persevere  through  the  up  and  downs  in  ministry  gave  them  the  desire  to serve.  The  Lord  opened  the  door  in  2015  to  do  just  that  at  Trinity  Assembly  of  God  where Andrew and Sheryl currently serve as Assistant Pastors.

Charles A Wilson is a native of Brooklyn New York. In 2016 he married his wife Shelby Wilson and they gave birth to their daughter Cherish in 2018. He was a member to Reedy River Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville S.C where he attended North Greenville University and graduated with a Bachelors of Art in Business. He enlisted in U.S Army reserves in 2010 and earned his commission as an Army Officer in 2013. After commissioning he was assigned to Fort Sill OK where he joined New Life Fellowship. In the Lawton community he is passionate about working with the youth. He was licensed and ordained as a minister in 2018.

Born in raised in Oklahoma, Maurice Dowell is an entrepreneur currently pursuing a degree in nursing at Langston University. He founded “MO Publishing Company”, and is a social media influencer. He is an honor scholar and supplemental instructor at Langston University. He is on the President's honor roll as well as the Dean's honor roll. He was elected as Mr. Regents and Mr. Scholars Club for the Scholars Club at Langston University respectively.  He also works as a mentor and tutor with Cameron University’s Open Doors Program. Maurice is active in the community and in his local church, teaching youth and young adults.
     Maurice is often heard saying, “Everyone wants to be successful and reach their dreams. I live to help others be successful and reach their dreams and live their best life.” His favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13.

Lawton native, Kemesha "Mesha" Anderson, is no stranger to a microphone. Having sung in several groups, choirs, and praise teams it is safe to say she loves singing. Her love for music started at an early age, but her heart of worship didn't develope until later on. She is a member of New Life Fellowship where her various gifts are being pushed, pulled, and launched to new levels. Mesha has been married to the love of her life, Adrian, for almost 20 years and they have three children together: Keayla, Adriana, and Kaleb.

Elijah and Sheridan Garcia are 28 years old. They have 4 children, Avah, Elle, Axel, and Dani with one on the way, Demi. Elijah is a full-time Sergeant for the Lawton Police Department, as well as part-time staff at Word Alive Church as the Associate Lead Pastor. Sheridan works full-time for Word Alive Church as well as Storage Lawton. Elijah and Sheridan have a vision of seeing a Great Awakening in the Lawton community, the best is yet to come.

A young couple with a passion for helping couples and singles move forward in their relationships. 
Ashlie & Stephanie Overby, affectionately known as AO & Champ, are a dynamic duo. Both born and raised in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, the two married in 2006 and they have four children. In addition to being parents, the couple stays busy by hosting a live show on Facebook, running a YouTube page and serving as board members for the nonprofit organization, The Great580 Association. Stephanie is a Kindergarten teacher with Lawton Public Schools and Ashlie is a musician, professionally known as Ayvio, and recently released his debut album, “To Her, With Love.”

"CHOO CHOO!!!" Manufactured in the GREAT 580, this train has been running since Feb. 29th, 1992. This train has also traveled many miles. And with that, this train has also fallen of the track a few times...but it has never STOPPED! This train doesn't run off coal like others, no sir! This train is POWERED BY JESUS!!! This train's name is BenE...CHOO CHOO!!! Seriously though, BenE makes music for Jesus first. Jesus changed his life. BenE has been in jail, addicted, depressed, conflicted, lost...BUT Jesus stepped in and changed ALL that! He wants to inspire, encourage, and change people with his music. One thing I know about BenE is that he doesn't want the glory, he doesn't want the credit, and he doesn't want the fame. He gives all te glory, credit, and fame to his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! POWERED BY JESUS!!!

From catchy, musical hooks to groundbreaking dance moves, JVMAR RASHAD (Jamar Rashad) is steadily captivating fans one song, one performance at a time. Born and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma the artist found himself surrounded by music at an early age. From his father owning his own DJ business/ being a DJ and church sound technician to his mother’s involvement in school and church choirs and worship teams, JVMVR (Jamar) was born to entertain.  
JVMVR (Jamar) began to gain momentum after releasing his first single “Notice Me” onto Myspace in early 2010 but wasn’t until March of 2017 that JVMVR (Jamar) embarked on his first project with his first EP, Empty House which introduced him to fans on all music platforms.
JVMVR (Jamar) released two more self-produced albums “Empty House 2 in 2017 and Chapter III in 2018. It wasn’t until the release of his 2019 project “Love Pooh Bear” when his career really began to shift.
Fueled by the passing of his grandmother, JVMVR (Jamar) was determined to get his life back on track and be an inspiration to others with songs like “Fast” and “Manifest”. Since then JVMVR (Jamar) has been focusing on his spiritual journey hoping to further elevate himself and strive to uplift and inspire others.

James Keith Powers known as Keith by his family and friends, is a licensed Ordained Minister who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavior Science from Ashford University.
Elder Keith’s passion is for mentoring youth and young adults and be  has served in various roles in the church and community including youth leader, Elder, and is currently the leader of the new life fellowship praise team.
Elder Keith’s strong and grounded faith in the Word of God allows him to be a powerful voice for the newly saved and seasoned Christian alike. His love for God is evident in his everyday life. He is a proud husband of Janet Powers and they have been married for 7 years. Together they have six children. He served as a Soldier in the US Army and retired after 20 years of service. He is currently serving as a Financial Counselor assisting families with financial hardships. 
Elder Keith serves in a variety of ministries at New Life Fellowship since his membership in 2005 under the leadership of Pastor Robert and Alicia Dowell. Elder Keith enjoys spending time with his family and serving in the local community. His favorite scripture is 2 Corithians 5:17  Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things are passed away and behold all things are become new.
Elder Keith has dedicated his life to winning souls for Christ and has a heart of a true servant. Whether it is being in the trenches with the troubled youth in the community or praising God as a member of the praise team everything he does is to glorify and reverence God. 

At a young age Jacobi was called by God. growing up in church helped guide him to be the man you see today. Jacobi’s roots to Southwest Oklahoma communities run deep. He credits God and family for being instrumental in his many achievements throughout his life. Jacobi  earned a football scholarship to Southeastern Oklahoma State University, which gave him the opportunity to receive a degree in Special Education with a minor in Behavioral Management. Upon earning his degree, Jacobi answered the Call and moved back to his hometown to help make a difference in his community and serve in his Childhood church New life fellowship as the youth minister and young adult leader. On November 11, 2017  Jacobi was officially ordained as a Minister under the leadership of Dr. Robert Dowell, Senior Pastor at New Life Fellowship. Jacobi is a business owner/entrepreneur, author, life coach, public speaker, Minister, and community leader. Earning numerous honors, Jacobi has been featured in national news spot lights for his dedication and passion towards his community. Currently, Jacobi works for Cameron University as an Academic Advisor with Open Doors Program.  Jacobi is a voice in the southwest region to provide information and encourage people to find their purpose. Prior to Cameron University, Jacobi ran for Oklahoma State Senate becoming the youngest in states history in advancing to a general election at the age of 25. Jacobi is a host for a local radio talk show called The Revolution on 97.9jamz, where he is able to connect and education the community on various issues. Jacobi believes that his purpose on this earth is to help you find your purpose!!!!!

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