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Thursday, August 27 2009


In my last blog I wrote about the wrong questions people ask when trying to discover their purpose. Now let's look at the right questions you must answer to help you to find  your purpose.




  1. What is the toothache of your heart? ---What is the desire of your heart that goes away but keeps coming back?


  Don't let it go. You may need a different method,approach and or strategy to accomplish it, but never give up on doing it! --- I say in Jesus name that the desires of your heart shall come to pass.



  1. Matthew 12:33d   for a tree is known by its fruit  What flows naturally out of you? -----What things do you do naturally? Those things are indicators of your place of your purpose and destiny.


  When a fish gets into its element, which is water the genius it begins to emerge.

   However, if you take a fish out of water, it just flops around and will eventually die.   It will not survive because it was designed and purposed to live in water.

   There is an area of life and in the kingdom of God that you were designed and purposed to live and operate in.


  1. What areas in life are you bearing fruit in?  In other words, what areas in life are you most productive in?

  The answers to these questions are related directly to your purpose.

  Like Moses' rod, often times the key that unlocks our purpose is in our hand.  We must not become familiar with our gifts and the fruit that we have been bearing.  If you think about it there are some areas in your life that you have been productive that dates back to your early years as a child.


  1. What is the area in life where you seem to have a quantum leap on others?

  This is your area of unfair advantage. It is like God gave you a head start in this area.


I like to refer to this area as the great equalizer. God gave you a head start in this area to level the playing field.  All of us in some degree were born with some disadvantages.  I call it being born behind the 8 ball. Therefore God gives us a quantum leap or advantage in another area of life.



  1. Luke 1:41-44: What makes your baby leap? ------What gets you excited, causes you to be passionate and makes your juices flow?  To discover your purpose, once you answer this, in this area, you need to dig into like someone looking for gold or oil.


  1. What do mature believers see in you? ------ What type of compliments do you regularly receive?  What reoccurring prophesies do you receive?



  1. What type(s) of people are attracted to you? ----What area do your family and friends call upon you for help, assistance and advice? Example, If bees are attracted to you, you may be honey.


  1. What type(s) of people, places and things are you attracted to? ----The Lord has wired and programmed you to like certain things based on your purpose.


  1. Where would you work for free? -----If money wasn't an issue and you had to work free where would you work?


Today's Question:  Why do you think it is important that we don't just find a spouse, job, home, or even a good church home but that we also find PURPOSE.

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Saturday, August 08 2009

Over the last several days one word has been coming to mind.  That word is purpose.   This week our church started our annual health and fitness month.  On Wednesday we had a fitness trainer to come and share some insight regarding exercising.   It was a blessing to see the congregation come out and exercise.  I am not not thrilled with my BMI results.  My goal is to loose 15 pounds. As he shared I thought, this is someone who has found a part  of his purpose.  This week I started making arrangements for a Christian comedy event our church will be hosting in the month of October, it is going to be crazy funny.   I thought about how the comedian Rev. Peanut Butter has tapped into a portion of the purpose that God has for his life.   If you are in the Lawton area make plans to come it will be a FREE event. Our church wants to be a blessing to the Body of Christ. Two of my boys had their football physicals tonight.   I thought about all of the young athletes that were present.  Playing football will not be a part of their purpose, and if they are going to find fulfillment in life it will be essential for them to find their purpose.   Many people never tap into their purpose, because no one has ever taught them concerning their purpose.  In the next couple of Blogs I will be writing about purpose.

Matthew 7:7, 8 encourages us to knock.

               Many are seeking purpose by knocking as the scripture declares, but they are knocking on the wrong doors.


               Many fail to define their purpose because they find the answers to the wrong questions.


         These questions that we are about to look at in this first blog are not bad questions.  They are secondary questions that are not most important when trying to discover your purpose as it pertains to your career field, job to choose, business to start or spiritual vocation to commit to.


         In my next blog I will list the right questions that we should be asking and  answering in order to find purpose.





#1. What job or career field pays the most?


  This will cause us to seek money and not destiny and purpose.


  It's a tragedy to spend 40+ hours on a job that you do not like.


  When you find purpose and do it consistently and do it with excellence, you will not only find money, but you will find fulfillment also.



#2.  What job or career field or business is going to be needed most in the future?


  The primary objective is not first about the future needs in society, but first about you discovering your gifts, and then aligning your gifts with what is needed.


  Purpose comes when we put first things first.




#3. Proverbs 14:12 What skill sets and educational requirements do I need to obtain to find a good job in my city?


  Don't put yourself in a box. Your place of ultimate purpose may not be in your city that you currently live in.


  A better question would be? What skills, training and education do I have to  enter a career field that that I would enjoy doing.   Also ask, what skills, training and education do I have to enter start my own business?



#4. What college degree or certification would be easiest to obtain?



  That line of thinking will cause you to take the path least resistance?  Living life in purpose and on purpose will stretch you. 

  When you choose to take a short cut, you often get cut short.



#5. What business system or product (widget or gadget) has the best upside?


  A better question is what system or product do I have in me that I need to give birth to?



#6.  What are the most prestigious jobs or positions in the world or in the local church?


  Purpose is about letting your light shine. It's not about being in the spotlight.



  These are the wrong questions to ask when trying to define your purpose.


  What is most important is living in destiny and fulfilling the purpose on earth that God has created you for.


  This opens you up for fulfillment, peace and financial prosperity.


 In my next blog we will look at the questions you should be asking and answering to help you to define and refine your purpose.


Today's Question:  Why on one hand does it appear like famous celebrities like Michael Jackson, Brittany Spears and professional athletes were walking in purpose but then on the other hand it seems like they were lost and searching?





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