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Thursday, August 27 2009


In my last blog I wrote about the wrong questions people ask when trying to discover their purpose. Now let's look at the right questions you must answer to help you to find  your purpose.




  1. What is the toothache of your heart? ---What is the desire of your heart that goes away but keeps coming back?


  Don't let it go. You may need a different method,approach and or strategy to accomplish it, but never give up on doing it! --- I say in Jesus name that the desires of your heart shall come to pass.



  1. Matthew 12:33d   for a tree is known by its fruit  What flows naturally out of you? -----What things do you do naturally? Those things are indicators of your place of your purpose and destiny.


  When a fish gets into its element, which is water the genius it begins to emerge.

   However, if you take a fish out of water, it just flops around and will eventually die.   It will not survive because it was designed and purposed to live in water.

   There is an area of life and in the kingdom of God that you were designed and purposed to live and operate in.


  1. What areas in life are you bearing fruit in?  In other words, what areas in life are you most productive in?

  The answers to these questions are related directly to your purpose.

  Like Moses' rod, often times the key that unlocks our purpose is in our hand.  We must not become familiar with our gifts and the fruit that we have been bearing.  If you think about it there are some areas in your life that you have been productive that dates back to your early years as a child.


  1. What is the area in life where you seem to have a quantum leap on others?

  This is your area of unfair advantage. It is like God gave you a head start in this area.


I like to refer to this area as the great equalizer. God gave you a head start in this area to level the playing field.  All of us in some degree were born with some disadvantages.  I call it being born behind the 8 ball. Therefore God gives us a quantum leap or advantage in another area of life.



  1. Luke 1:41-44: What makes your baby leap? ------What gets you excited, causes you to be passionate and makes your juices flow?  To discover your purpose, once you answer this, in this area, you need to dig into like someone looking for gold or oil.


  1. What do mature believers see in you? ------ What type of compliments do you regularly receive?  What reoccurring prophesies do you receive?



  1. What type(s) of people are attracted to you? ----What area do your family and friends call upon you for help, assistance and advice? Example, If bees are attracted to you, you may be honey.


  1. What type(s) of people, places and things are you attracted to? ----The Lord has wired and programmed you to like certain things based on your purpose.


  1. Where would you work for free? -----If money wasn't an issue and you had to work free where would you work?


Today's Question:  Why do you think it is important that we don't just find a spouse, job, home, or even a good church home but that we also find PURPOSE.

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