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  Pastor's Destiny and Victory Blog. Talk to me. 
Tuesday, November 24 2009

                    This  blog was prompted by a recent question I received about waiting on the Lord.   As we approach the holiday season and the end of another year, many believers are still waiting on the Lord in various areas of their lives.  I want to encourage all of you who are still waiting on some things to manifest.  Your waiting is not in vain.  I have come to find out in my christian walk that waiting on the Lord is a master key to walking in destiny and victory.  In this blog I want to teach on how to wait on the Lord.   It is not enough for us as believers to be told to wait on the Lord we must be taught how to.


                2Corthians 12:7-10  While waiting on The Lord you should be waiting for him to reveal something to you--- not just to do something for you.

               What caused Paul's breakthrough was not  what God did for him, but what God revealed to him.

                 What God is about to reveal to you during your time of waiting is going to cause you to  breakthrough to new levels in this next season of your life.

                  What is it that God is trying to reveal to you during this season of waiting?  Whatever it is a master key to your destiny and victory. That is why the song writer said, "God is Trying to tell You something".

                   Because Paul waited on the Lord,God revealed the power of Grace to the him.

                    We know he waited because the text in verse 8 says He sought the Lord three times.

                   The Lord wants to reveal the power of His grace to all of us.

                   What is Grace?  It is God's  Riches At Christ Expense. When God told Paul His grace was sufficient He was saying?  I have already given you all you need for complete and absolute victory in this situation.

                   Through His grace God has made available and given us access to everything that we need for victory in life. What we need is revelation of Grace. I don't care what lies the devil has been telling you. You have enough grace to obtain the victory in your race.  

          In my next blog we will continue to look at what happen to Paul as he waited on the Lord.  

          Question:  What are some things that God has revealed to you during your times of waiting on Him?





Posted by: Pastor Dowell AT 10:13 am   |  Permalink   |  2 Comments  |  Email
Wow to the Wow. Dr Dowell,this is an awesome confirmation of what the Lord revealed to me today when i silenced my mind and tuned my ear to Him concerning the "wait". And i so agree with you about Christians needing to be 'taught' how to wait and what to look for while waiting rather than just being told to wait. Just being told and not taught in my opinion sometimes adds to the frustration because we already know what to do but tell me how to do it while embracing the grace of God with peace in my heart. Looking forward to part II. Barbara Curry
Posted by Super Soul Sista! on 11/25/2009 - 12:02 AM
I think this is an awesome blog. After all that I have been through there are numerous things I am yet waiting on the Lord to manifest in my life. The wait for me has been one of struggle to the point of giving up...Now with this fresh revelation from on high I can be fortified to wait. Thanks pastor.
Posted by Liz Craine on 12/03/2009 - 03:11 PM

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