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  Pastor's Destiny and Victory Blog. Talk to me. 
Thursday, August 27 2009


In my last blog I wrote about the wrong questions people ask when trying to discover their purpose. Now let's look at the right questions you must answer to help you to find  your purpose.




  1. What is the toothache of your heart? ---What is the desire of your heart that goes away but keeps coming back?


  Don't let it go. You may need a different method,approach and or strategy to accomplish it, but never give up on doing it! --- I say in Jesus name that the desires of your heart shall come to pass.



  1. Matthew 12:33d   for a tree is known by its fruit  What flows naturally out of you? -----What things do you do naturally? Those things are indicators of your place of your purpose and destiny.


  When a fish gets into its element, which is water the genius it begins to emerge.

   However, if you take a fish out of water, it just flops around and will eventually die.   It will not survive because it was designed and purposed to live in water.

   There is an area of life and in the kingdom of God that you were designed and purposed to live and operate in.


  1. What areas in life are you bearing fruit in?  In other words, what areas in life are you most productive in?

  The answers to these questions are related directly to your purpose.

  Like Moses' rod, often times the key that unlocks our purpose is in our hand.  We must not become familiar with our gifts and the fruit that we have been bearing.  If you think about it there are some areas in your life that you have been productive that dates back to your early years as a child.


  1. What is the area in life where you seem to have a quantum leap on others?

  This is your area of unfair advantage. It is like God gave you a head start in this area.


I like to refer to this area as the great equalizer. God gave you a head start in this area to level the playing field.  All of us in some degree were born with some disadvantages.  I call it being born behind the 8 ball. Therefore God gives us a quantum leap or advantage in another area of life.



  1. Luke 1:41-44: What makes your baby leap? ------What gets you excited, causes you to be passionate and makes your juices flow?  To discover your purpose, once you answer this, in this area, you need to dig into like someone looking for gold or oil.


  1. What do mature believers see in you? ------ What type of compliments do you regularly receive?  What reoccurring prophesies do you receive?



  1. What type(s) of people are attracted to you? ----What area do your family and friends call upon you for help, assistance and advice? Example, If bees are attracted to you, you may be honey.


  1. What type(s) of people, places and things are you attracted to? ----The Lord has wired and programmed you to like certain things based on your purpose.


  1. Where would you work for free? -----If money wasn't an issue and you had to work free where would you work?


Today's Question:  Why do you think it is important that we don't just find a spouse, job, home, or even a good church home but that we also find PURPOSE.

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Saturday, August 08 2009

Over the last several days one word has been coming to mind.  That word is purpose.   This week our church started our annual health and fitness month.  On Wednesday we had a fitness trainer to come and share some insight regarding exercising.   It was a blessing to see the congregation come out and exercise.  I am not not thrilled with my BMI results.  My goal is to loose 15 pounds. As he shared I thought, this is someone who has found a part  of his purpose.  This week I started making arrangements for a Christian comedy event our church will be hosting in the month of October, it is going to be crazy funny.   I thought about how the comedian Rev. Peanut Butter has tapped into a portion of the purpose that God has for his life.   If you are in the Lawton area make plans to come it will be a FREE event. Our church wants to be a blessing to the Body of Christ. Two of my boys had their football physicals tonight.   I thought about all of the young athletes that were present.  Playing football will not be a part of their purpose, and if they are going to find fulfillment in life it will be essential for them to find their purpose.   Many people never tap into their purpose, because no one has ever taught them concerning their purpose.  In the next couple of Blogs I will be writing about purpose.

Matthew 7:7, 8 encourages us to knock.

               Many are seeking purpose by knocking as the scripture declares, but they are knocking on the wrong doors.


               Many fail to define their purpose because they find the answers to the wrong questions.


         These questions that we are about to look at in this first blog are not bad questions.  They are secondary questions that are not most important when trying to discover your purpose as it pertains to your career field, job to choose, business to start or spiritual vocation to commit to.


         In my next blog I will list the right questions that we should be asking and  answering in order to find purpose.





#1. What job or career field pays the most?


  This will cause us to seek money and not destiny and purpose.


  It's a tragedy to spend 40+ hours on a job that you do not like.


  When you find purpose and do it consistently and do it with excellence, you will not only find money, but you will find fulfillment also.



#2.  What job or career field or business is going to be needed most in the future?


  The primary objective is not first about the future needs in society, but first about you discovering your gifts, and then aligning your gifts with what is needed.


  Purpose comes when we put first things first.




#3. Proverbs 14:12 What skill sets and educational requirements do I need to obtain to find a good job in my city?


  Don't put yourself in a box. Your place of ultimate purpose may not be in your city that you currently live in.


  A better question would be? What skills, training and education do I have to  enter a career field that that I would enjoy doing.   Also ask, what skills, training and education do I have to enter start my own business?



#4. What college degree or certification would be easiest to obtain?



  That line of thinking will cause you to take the path least resistance?  Living life in purpose and on purpose will stretch you. 

  When you choose to take a short cut, you often get cut short.



#5. What business system or product (widget or gadget) has the best upside?


  A better question is what system or product do I have in me that I need to give birth to?



#6.  What are the most prestigious jobs or positions in the world or in the local church?


  Purpose is about letting your light shine. It's not about being in the spotlight.



  These are the wrong questions to ask when trying to define your purpose.


  What is most important is living in destiny and fulfilling the purpose on earth that God has created you for.


  This opens you up for fulfillment, peace and financial prosperity.


 In my next blog we will look at the questions you should be asking and answering to help you to define and refine your purpose.


Today's Question:  Why on one hand does it appear like famous celebrities like Michael Jackson, Brittany Spears and professional athletes were walking in purpose but then on the other hand it seems like they were lost and searching?





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Tuesday, July 28 2009

                  Proverbs 24:16b- For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again.  


Yesterday Mike Vick was conditionally reinstated into the NFL.  It would be safe to say that his mistakes  which were terrible and has cost him dearly.  He lost his freedom for almost 2 years.  Millions of dollars and his reputation. Many are debating on if he deserves another chance after his mistakes. I don't plan on casting any stones at anybody.  I am so thankful I serve a God who will forgive and still bless, even after a mistake. It is good that man does not have a heaven or hell to put us in.   It light of the subject of mistakes, I want to give you some wisdom to birth purpose after you make a mistake. 



#1.    The first Key to birthing purpose is to have a Revelation about mistakes.


  The question is not will you make a mistake.  But, what you will do when you do make a mistake?  As you pursue purpose in your marriage, relationships, career, as a entrepreneur and in your calling there will be mistakes made .


  Mistakes become the birthing ground for wisdom and wealth if you learn from them and handle them the proper way ----- Example: This is how Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. He discovered what did not work each time he made a mistake.


  Mistakes become a catalyst for creativity in our lives.


  Example: White out was birthed because someone made an abundance of errors while typing. Post-it notes because someone made a mistake and made glue that was not strong enough.


   From the broken,battered and bruised places of your life can emerge bountiful blessings if you to do the right thing when you make a mistake.


 #2. Genesis 3:11, 12 - Take Responsibility for your mistakes.


  Don't blame others and pass the buck. The first thing is you must do is acknowledge that you made a mistake in your actions, your judgment or in your assumptions.


  Take ownership for your part and your response to the situation ------ This is crucial to know because it is easier to point the finger or blame someone else than it is to point the finger at yourself and get better.


  Taking responsibility is how you find God and gold in a negative situation. You also must start laying the ground work to prevent from making a similar mistake in the future.  I hope Mike Vick doesn't go the way of Pac Man Jones and wastes his second chance.


  It is easy to take responsibility for sinful mistakes. But it takes maturity to take responsibility for mistakes of wisdom, judgment, preparation,  implementation and follow-up.


#3.  Romans 3:23 - Realize   your mistake is not the end of the world.


  We are all human (that's why we need the blood) it washes and erases our mistakes in the eyes of God. We serve a God who specializes in taking a mess and making a message out of it.


  Our aim should be to strive for perfection. However, when we make a mistake we should  learn from them, grow from them and not to make the same mistake again.


  Because you are human, you will make a mistake at sometime in the future  as a spouse, parent, business owner, employee, leader, friend, relative, child of God, or church member.


  In order to arise  after a mistake and not go down in demise ,you must have a positive, optimistic outlook. This is why some arise and some go down in demise.  They do not rebound, because of the mistake, but because of their outlook and actions as a result of the mistake.


  A positive optimistic out look says, "This mistake is not a sign of my end, but a sign of a new beginning in my walk with God,  My relationship, My career, My business, My ministry, My Destiny!"


   Acts 9:1-6  The mistake identified to Paul on the road to Damascus signified not the end but the beginning for Paul's life. His out look and response is what made the difference.


  Matthew 27:1-5 -  If you do not find the positive in your mistake, no matter how painful it may be,  this is what will happen. Like Judas you will compound, escalate and by your actions terminate any new life that God wanted to bring forth in spite of the mistake that you made.


  Peter and Paul  both made mistakes but they did not compound their mistakes like Judas did. Say these words outloud  "My mistakes will serve as a launching pad for new levels and new beginnings in my life. 

    I am excited for you. Get ready for a new beginning!


 Question:   What should Mike Vick do now after his terrible mistake?  Talk to me.





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Thursday, July 23 2009


   Very busy and exciting day.  I love living in purpose. You can now visit our website and click Podcasts and Video Ministry and for FREE hear my teachings online,download them to your mp3 player, computer, cell phone, pda and subscribe to our podcast through Itunes.  Make as many copies as you like just do not sell them. I want the Word that God has given me to get in as many ears as possible.


I recently starting taking a multivitamin. I feel more energized than I have in the last year. Feel like I did 10 years ago.  I did not take vitamins because I believed because I ate fruits, vegetables and exercised regulary,  I had know need for  them.  That belief caused me many weary and fatigued filled days.  Special thanks to my good friends Pastor D. Howard and P. Cornelius for encouraging me to do so.  Similiarly our beliefs play a pivotal role in us reaching our destiny and living in victory.


   MARK 9:23 In order to fulfill Destiny you must understand the Power


Let's look at some things that you must know about beliefs


1.    Beliefs are the flood gate that opens your life to the supernatural power of God.

2.  Prov 23:7 - limiting beliefs shut you down and chain you down.

3.  Wrongs beliefs shut down your God given ability. It is like someone following an outdated or wrong map.

4.    Beliefs affect the quality of your life.

5.    They affect the success that you have (because you operate out of that framework).

6.    They affect what you are willing to try & not try.

7.    They keep you from giving 100%

8.     They affect how you perceive, treat and relate to people, therefore your beliefs affect how people treat you.

9.    Beliefs are the breeding ground for miracles---Man I like that one. I am getting excited while typing this blog.  Somebody reading this needs to get ready for a miracle. For I can hear you in the spirit saying  "Lord I Believe"


            Therefore, If you are serious about fulfilling your destiny and recognize the power of your beliefs.  Do the following:


#1.    List your beliefs ??" For example: A. I believe people are__________; people are___________ C. life is________ D. my family is ________ E. I am_________

(Too old, too young, not smart enough, don't have enough ability, contacts, a failure, ugly, fat)


#2. Now beloved after you list your beliefs, examine them.

    Ask yourself do they line up with the Word of God?

   Are they stereotypes?

   Are they true or just based on a bad experience?


# 3.     After that if they are not beliefs that empower you and line up with the Word.

    Ask God to help you change and  adjust your beliefs

    For  example you can change  I am too young--- (to youth is energy & power)

    Change I am too old---- (to age is maturity and experience)

   Change I don't have enough education---- (to I have a PhD in results and I have revelation, inspiration and determination) You cannot learn these things in the classrooms or halls of academia.

    Change I don't have enough money---- (to I have all the money I need & that  I am willing to commit myself to get and believe God for) Never forget that God has a supply for every need you have.  If you have a need God has a supply.


Question for today: What are some destructive beliefs  that have you observed in today's society?  What is the cure for them?

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Tuesday, July 21 2009


1. This is my first blog post.  I am excited about being able to share with believers revelation and inspiration to help them reach their full potential in God.

2.  I spend the last couple of hours planning some exciting things for this upcoming bible school year for NLBS.  Will be contacting our first guess speaker for our first telephonic class for the Global School of the Holy Spirit.  I am looking for God to do some great things.

3. I taught the congregation on Sunday that it is imperative that we change our I CAN'T into CANS,  I can, I can, yes I can.   Remember the children of Israel could not reach their promise land because that could not change WE CAN'T into WE CAN, like Joshua and Caleb wanted them to.

4.  Individuals that you see now that  are experiencing any level of victory and success in their lives. They at one point in their lives felt the words I CAN'T??? rising in the heart, ringing in their ears and seeking to be released from their mouth-- I CAN'T???       I know there are some exceptions---but the rule is that  most successful people at one point felt like they  just could not.

5. Now let's look at today how to change your I can't into I can.  It is found in the words that Jesus spoke in Mark 9:23.  If you can believe,all things are possible to him that believes.  Your impossibilities become possibilities when you believe that you can.  Your beliefs open you to the anointing, wisdom and supernatural power of God.

6.  Three things to start believing you can do today:  #1  You can do whatever God has put in your heart to do.  #2 You can reach your destiny fulfill purpose and change your world. #3 You can successful play any hand that life deals you and win.! (Remember you are not playing by your self. You have and awesome partner in Almighty God.)

7.  What area in your life did  the Lord help you change I CAN'T  CANS? I can, I can, yes i can?  How did you do it?  Look forward to your responses.


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